From 1-3 its 2s-4s

November 15, 2010

Royal Cornwall Museum is not nationally funded, but it still provides a great range of community programs.

On Friday afternoon I visited the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro and met Louise McDermott who introduced me to some of the great programs that are happening at the museum. Smaller than a number of museums that I have visited, they still manage to put together some inspiring and diverse programs for people of all ages. Louise talked to me about programs that involve young people (including a family sleep-over in the museum) and she explained to me how the museum’s collection of memory boxes came together and how the program is actively engaged in outreach to older member of the community for whom a visit to the museum would be impossible.

At the end of my meeting, I also met Jo, who had just finished with a group of 2-4 year olds. Once a month on a Friday afternoon there are sessions for pre-schoolers. They handle some of the museum’s collections, visit the galleries and spend some time doing a craft activity. When I was there, Jo had just finished exploring some of Cornwall’s mining history, making some cardboard mining tools and miners’ hats. A small charge is made to cover costs, but the number of return visits (and younger siblings who have joined the program) it looks like a hit!

I also had a bit of time to explore the museum displays, which are put together in a very engaging and family friendly way (My next post will be about the art exhibition I saw while I was there).


2 Responses to “From 1-3 its 2s-4s”

  1. Catherine Says:

    That’s quite inspiring – letting 2-4 year old handle the collection!

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