Filling Friday Nights

November 10, 2010

During business hours people are busy – they are at work or studying, or those who need them can access various community services. But Friday nights can be a bit bleak.

This is the rationale for a program at one of the national museums, which happens monthly on Friday evenings. Members of the group are seeking to work outside the label ‘personality disorder’ and are keen to explore community resources that might be available to them. Museum staff plan the sessions with input from the group, and a variety of themes are explored. Sometimes museum staff deliver the sessions alone, sometimes in collaboration with members of the group. The group is growing in independence (and size) and will probably not require input from museum staff long-term. The organised sessions generally run for about 90 minutes, after which time the participants can explore other areas of the museum until closing time, or they can go out for dinner or for a drink.

When they are at the museum, they don’t look any different to any other group, and they are not being labeled – instead they are learning new information and new skills, while developing friendships and interests.


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