Return of the family at World Museum, Liverpool

October 15, 2010

World Museum's Junior Archaelogist pack. The prizes for participants are simple and not expensive - such as a sticker, a poster or a laminated bookmark

Repeat visitors are something that museums love! At the World Museum, a simple activity passport with incentives is helping to bring families back to explore different sections of the museum.

The Museum as a whole is more than a day’s activity. Indeed the Egyptian Collection alone is extensive, and it is this collection that is the focus on a simple family activity. The ‘Pocket guide t0 becoming a junior Egyptologist’ needs to be completed over three visits, with three different prizes for correct answers. First up, participants are invited to write their name in hieroglyphs! Then Professor Garstang (who worked for the University of Liverpool around 100 years ago and whose collection is on display at the museum) introduces himself and asks a question about the Ancient Egypt.

When the participant has the answer, they return to the desk for their reward (there is a different reward for each problem. The next part needs to be completed at the next visit – a total of four visits in all. A great incentive for locals to make multiple visits, but of course difficult for people who are from out of town. But no-one misses out: if you let them know that you don’t live locally, you can complete the whole activity in one visit. The museum is free to visit, so there is no additional cost for the multiple visits, and because the activities are relatively short, there is the opportunity to explore the other areas of the museum – like the tarantula – but I decided not to get too close to that one…

World Museum has a budget that many museums would envy, but this is a low-cost activity that any museum could try.


2 Responses to “Return of the family at World Museum, Liverpool”

  1. Lyn Leader-Elliott Says:

    Dear Allison
    I am really enjoying the blog of your museums and community engagement activities in the UK. I do envy you!

  2. family activities are very nice to have, it also strengthens the bond among family members ,~,

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